Department 56 Inc.

Snow Village

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
SVH-4016902 Lynnhaven House $85.00
SVH-4020216 Snow Village Harley Davidson $95.00
SVH-4020217 Round Lake Rink $55.00
SVH-4023611 Winter Retreat $89.00
SVH-4025317 Jackie's Cards and Gifts $85.00
SVH-4025318 Grandpa's Garage $75.00
SVH-4028707 Harley Roadside Motel $125.00
SVH-4030734 Cousin Eddie's RV $75.00
SVH-4030735 Harley Roadside Cabins - Set of 2 $140.00
SVH-4030737 Sophia's Pizzeria $100.00
SVH-4030738 The Sweet Spot $65.00
SVH-4030739 Loon Lake Bait Shop $85.00
SVH-4035577 Holiday Special Toy Town Toys $89.00
SVH-4035580 Harley-Davidson Detail Shop $120.00
SVH-4035581 Ed's Diner $90.00
SVH-4044855 Dairy Queen $95.00
SVH-4050981 Kitty's Knittens $75.00
SVH-51543 Village Realty $42.00
SVH-55041 Graceland $165.00
SVH-55332 Mission-style House $75.00
SVH-55337 KBRR TV $80.00
SVH-55397 Rock Point Lighthouse $100.00
SVH-58922 Crystal Ice Palace $165.00


56AS-4030741 Cousin Eddie in the Morning $22.50
56AS-4030742 Fire It Up, Dad! $22.50
56AS-4030743 The Griswold Family Tree $40.00
56AS-4030746 Harley Ever After $35.00
56AS-4030754 Checking The Weather $22.50
56AS-4035583 Keeper of the Flame $25.00
56AS-4035585 A Harley Legend $17.50
56AS-4035586 Coca-Cola Delivery Truck $35.00
56AS-4035587 Coke Is It! $30.00
56AS-51322 Fire Hydrant & Mailbox $6.00
56AS-52078 Frosty Tree Lined Picket Fence $7.00
56AS-52337 Village Sled & Skis $6.00
56AS-52599 Election Yard Signs $10.00
56AS-54305 Nanny & The Preschoolers $28.00
56AS-54313 Early Morning Delivery $28.00
56AS-54321 Christmas Puppies $28.00
56AS-54348 A Heavy Snowfall $16.00
56AS-54356 We're Going to a Christmas Pageant $15.00
56AS-54496 Safety Patrol $28.00
56AS-54534 Pint Size Pony $38.00
56AS-54577B Classic Car - Blue $8.00
56AS-54763 Going to the Chapel $20.00
56AS-54866 Pizza Delivery $20.00
56AS-54867 Grand Ole Opry Singers $25.00
56AS-54868 Snow Carnival Ice Sculptors $28.00
56AS-54905 Whole Family Goes Shopping $25.00
56AS-54923 Let it Snow, Let it Snow $20.00
56AS-54926 Kids, Candy & Ronald McDonald $30.00
56AS-54927 He Led Them Down the Streets of Town $30.00
56AS-54928 Everybody goes Skating at Rollerama $25.00
56AS-54929 At the Barn Dance, it's Allemande Left $30.00
56AS-54931 Farm Accessory Set $75.00
56AS-54938 Carnival Tickets & Cotton Candy $30.00
56AS-54957 Christmas Visit to the Florist $30.00
56AS-54959 Village Service Vehicle - 1 Piece $15.00
56AS-54971 Patrolling the Road $20.00
56AS-54976 Another Man's Treasure Accessory $27.50
56AS-54983 Loony Toons Animated Film Festival $40.00
56AS-55020 Finding the Bird's Song $25.00
56AS-55021 Send in the Clown $13.50
56AS-55022 Holy Spirit Baptistery $37.50
56AS-55023 First Deposit $15.00
56AS-55024 Angels in the Snow $30.00
56AS-55031 On the Way to Ballet $27.50
56AS-55035 Gifts on the Go $30.00
56AS-55103 Dr. Seuss "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Movie Premiere $17.50
56AS-55104 Tree Lighting Ceremony $65.00
56AS-55105 "Now Showing--Elvis Presley" Sign $30.00
56AS-55108 Peddle Cars for Christmas $27.50
56AS-55109 Roadside Billboards $40.00
56AS-55121 Abandoned Gas Pump $37.50
56AS-55124 Happy New Year $25.00
56AS-55128 Bringing Irish Cheer $12.50
56AS-55132 Start Your Engines $25.00
56AS-55135 College Kids at Krispy Kreme $17.50
56AS-55144 Ben & Buddy's Lemonade $20.00
56AS-55152 Brand New Recruit $20.00
56AS-55169 Violin Serenade $17.50
56AS-55172 Weekend Getaway $25.00
56AS-55177 Carwash Fundraiser $20.00
56AS-55180 Summer Family Picnic $37.50
56AS-55196 Ice Cream for Everyone $22.50
56AS-55207 St. Patrick's Day  Parade $20.00
56AS-55258 Harvest Yard Fun $25.00
56AS-55286 Bucks County Horse Trailer $17.50
56AS-55407 Like Father, Like Son $20.00
56AS-58976 Crystal Ice King & Queen $20.00
56AS-800019 Stop Sign - Set of 2 $5.00
56AS-802461 Parking Meter - Set of 4 $6.00

Last Updated: 01/17/2017