Department 56 Inc.


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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
SBU-23700 '97 Rabbit Large $8.50
SBU-23701 '97 Rabbit Small $7.50
SBU-23773 '98 Pig Large $7.50
SBU-23861 '99 Cat Small $5.00
SBU-23862 '99 Cat Large $8.00
SBU-23901 '00 Goose Large $8.50
SBU-23902 '00 Goose Small $7.50
SBU-24007 '94 Chicken in Nest Large $6.00
SBU-24015 '94 Chicken in Nest Small $5.00
SBU-24056 '01 Squirrel $8.00
SBU-24499 '04 Lamb $8.50
SBU-26000 I've Got a Surprise $15.00
SBU-26034 I'll Paint the Top $20.00
SBU-26069 Tra-La-La $20.00
SBU-26085 Easter Delivery $17.50
SBU-26107 Tisket, Tasket Water Globe $12.50
SBU-26115 Rub-A-Dub-Dub, 3 Bunnies in a Tub $32.50
SBU-26123 Shrubs in a Tub, Set of 4 $12.50
SBU-26131 3 Shrubs in a Tub $10.00
SBU-26140 2 Shrubs in a Tub $9.00
SBU-26174 Goosey, Goosey, & Gander $30.00
SBU-26190 It's Working, We're Going Faster $35.00
SBU-26212 I'll Color the Easter Eggs $15.00
SBU-26220 You Better Watch Out or I'll Catch You $17.00
SBU-26239 My Woodland Wagon By Turtle Creek $32.50
SBU-26247 My Woodland Wagon, Parked In Robins Nest Thicket $35.00
SBU-26255 My Woodland Wagon, At Dragonfly Hollow $32.50
SBU-26272 I've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates $25.00
SBU-26273 Happy Birthday to You $30.00
SBU-26274 Easy Does it $30.00
SBU-26276 Let's All Sing like the Birdies $37.50
SBU-26277 Welcome to the Neighborhood $25.00
SBU-26278 A Little Off the Top $25.00
SBU-26280 Slow Moving Vehicle $45.00
SBU-26282 Counting the Days 'Til Easter $22.50
SBU-26284 You Make Me Laugh Music Box $32.50
SBU-26285 Rock-A-Bye, Bunny Water Globe $25.00
SBU-26286 A Tisket Tasket Basket $45.00
SBU-26288 All the Little Birds Go "Tweet Tweet Tweet!" $28.00
SBU-26289 Are You My Mama? $18.00
SBU-26290 "B" is for Bunny $30.00
SBU-26292 You're as Cute as a Bug's Ear $16.50
SBU-26293 Double Yolk $20.00
SBU-26294 Be my Baby Bunny Bee $32.50
SBU-26295 Is There Room for Me? Water Globe $25.00
SBU-26301 Hop, Skip, & a Melody $30.00
SBU-26302 I Can Do it Myself $17.00
SBU-26303 Loves Me, Loves Me Not $17.00
SBU-26304 Just Start All Over Again $17.00
SBU-26305 I Love You Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26306 Rock-A-Bye Bunny $23.00
SBU-26307 This One's a Keeper $17.00
SBU-26308 April Brings May Flowers $35.00
SBU-26310 Happy Easter Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26311 Sweet Dreams Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26312 Two of a Kind Hinged Box $20.00
SBU-26313 Alleluia Hinged Box $20.00
SBU-26314 True Blue Friend Hinged Box $20.00
SBU-26320 Stop and Smell the Roses $20.00
SBU-26322 Butterfly Kisses $20.00
SBU-26323 Just for You $45.00
SBU-26324 Ewe Haul $20.00
SBU-26325 Guests are Always Welcome $25.00
SBU-26326 Animals on Parade $17.00
SBU-26327 Bunny Hug $25.00
SBU-26328 Garden Park Bench $15.00
SBU-26329 Full of Blooms $15.00
SBU-26330 Trellis in Bloom $13.00
SBU-26331 Eye to Eye Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26332 Bunny in Bloom Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26333 Sweet Violet Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26334 Sunny Side Up Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26337 Look for the Rainbow Music Box $33.00
SBU-26338 Talk to the Animals Water Globe $25.00
SBU-26340 Garden Picket Fence $30.00
SBU-26341 Afternoon in the Garden - Bench with Tree $33.00
SBU-26353 For the Birds $17.00
SBU-26354 Captain of the Seas $20.00
SBU-26357 Come With Me $33.00
SBU-26360 These are for You $13.00
SBU-26362 Go, Bunny, Go! Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26363 Rock-A-Bye Birdie Hinged Box $15.00
SBU-26365 Lily Pad $7.00
SBU-26385 Spring Topiary - Small $10.00
SBU-26403 Walk a Mile in My Shoes $17.00
SBU-26406 Tulips for My Baby Mini Water Globe $9.00
SBU-26421 You're the Pick of the Patch $16.50
SBU-26425 Bunny in my Heart $15.00
SBU-26445 If You Love it, Let it Go $20.00

Last Updated: 04/01/2017