Department 56 Inc.


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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
SBC-4018443 Fly Me to the Moon Ornament $15.50
SBC-4019935 Christmas Dreams $65.00
SBC-4019945 And Baby Makes Three $60.00
SBC-4019947 A Sweet Duet $18.50
SBC-4019967 Felted Snowbaby Ornament $15.50
SBC-4019977 Skating by Moonlight $65.00
SBC-4019978 Decorating the Tree $45.00
SBC-4019985 A Three Scoop Lunch $20.00
SBC-4020349 Joy for You and Me $35.00
SBC-4020749 Fly with Me $27.50
SBC-4021706 Why Don't You Talk to Me $22.50
SBC-4021865 Angel in My Pocket Ornament $15.50
SBC-4021946 Forever and Ever $50.00
SBC-4021948 Skate in Style Ornament $15.50
SBC-4021951 Littlest Tree Ornament $15.50
SBC-4025709 You're My Superman $25.00
SBC-4026398 You Go Girl! $25.00
SBC-4026471 Bunny It's Cold Outside $22.50
SBC-4026551 Comforting Words Ornament $15.50
SBC-4026741 Music to Their Ears Ornament $15.50
SBC-4026742 Bear Back Ride $25.00
SBC-4026743 Share the Warmth $28.50
SBC-4026744 Polar Bear Trek Ornament $15.50
SBC-4026755 Catch of the Day Ornament $15.50
SBC-4026823 Goodnight Prayers $22.50
SBC-4026824 Birdsong $22.50
SBC-4027351 Chilly Chick Chat $18.50
SBC-4027355 Nativity Shadow Box Ornament $18.50
SBC-4027356 Whoo Wears the Crown? $25.00
SBC-4027422 Heavenly Music $22.50
SBC-4027423 Zero Calorie Cupcakes $18.50
SBC-4027585 Bear Cub- 2 Assorted $10.50
SBC-4028192 Double Latte Day $18.50
SBC-4031785 Kitten Carrier - Ornament $15.50
SBC-4031787 Big Bear Hug - Ornament $15.50
SBC-4031864 Are You a Wishing Star? $22.50
SBC-4031868 Little Garden Angel $20.00
SBC-4031891 Little Lambs $25.00
SBC-4031905 Santa's Little Helper $30.00
SBC-4031906 Eye To Eye $27.50
SBC-4031908 Frosty Frolic Friend $55.00
SBC-4031910 A Winter's Nap $37.50
SBC-4031911 A Child is Born Nativity $75.00
SBC-4031914 H-U-G $35.00
SBC-4031917 My Friends are Flakes Ornament $22.50
SBC-4031921 Holiday Tweets $22.50
SBC-4036155 Lend Me Your Ear $18.50
SBC-4037314 Making A Friend $25.00
SBC-4037322 Chilly Commute $35.00
SBC-4037332 Extra Toasty $35.00
SBC-4038117 Woodland Stories $32.50
SBC-4038125 Peppermint Forest $35.00
SBC-4038355 Merry Mistletoe $16.50
SBC-4039683 Woodland Friends - Ornament $12.50
SBC-4045629 Angel Kisses $18.50
SBC-4045630 Bless The Beast $20.00
SBC-4045663 Cookie Tester $27.50
SBC-4045764 Power Struggle $25.00
SBC-4045767 My Place To Fit Right In $35.00
SBC-4045769 New Friends $30.00
SBC-4045797 Cat Tails $27.50
SBC-4045804 Baby Blossoms - Ornament $15.50
SBC-4045805 Snowcat - Ornament $16.50
SBC-4045812 You're The Best Gift of All - Ornament $18.50
SBC-4046560 Bait & Wait $25.00
SBC-4051861 Cat's Play $20.00
SBC-4051876 Hug, Please! $20.00
SBC-4051909 Cookies With Santa $48.50
SBC-4051915 A Scoop To Soothe The Soul $25.00
SBC-4051933 Eating All The Gingerbread $22.50
SBC-4051937 Catnap - Ornament $16.50
SBC-4051940 Ice Cream Break - Ornament $15.50
SBC-67808 Forever Friends $22.50
SBC-67823 Forever Friends - Candle $20.00
SBC-67827 Home Sweet Home - Candle $20.00
SBC-67834 Now I Lay Me Down - Plaque $17.50
SBC-67836 Give the World a Smile - Plaque $17.50
SBC-67837 Sent from God - Plaque $17.50
SBC-67840 A Couple of Flakes - Plaque $17.50
SBC-67908 Mom Always Said to Accessorize $20.00
SBC-67909 Adding a Finishing Touch $22.50
SBC-67910 He's Checking His List $37.50
SBC-67912 Over the River and Through the Woods $95.00
SBC-67913 Seal of Approval $40.00
SBC-67915 Trimming the Tree with Tink $50.00
SBC-67921 Don't Open till Christmas $30.00
SBC-67922 Santa's Helpers $45.00
SBC-67923 The Stocking Stuffer $95.00
SBC-67928 A Polar Jinglebell Twist $47.50
SBC-67929 Let's Give it a Whirl, Mr. Snowman $22.50
SBC-67930 Grandpa's Toolbox $30.00
SBC-67932 Slumber Party Friends $42.50
SBC-67933 Handmade with Love $22.50
SBC-67973 Music to Their Ears $30.00
SBC-68128 Wait for Me $49.00
SBC-68152 Let's Go Skiing $15.00
SBC-68200 We Dig for Treasure $60.00
SBC-68202 Jack Frost...Story for a Frosty Night $175.00
SBC-68203 A Very Special Nativity $150.00
SBC-68217 You Didn't Forget Me $33.00
SBC-68225 Stars in a Row, Tic, Tac, Toe $33.00
SBC-68250 Icicle Star $16.00
SBC-68268 What will I Catch? $48.00
SBC-68284 Over the Milky Way $32.00
SBC-68357 I'll Teach You a Trick $24.00
SBC-68365 I found Your Mittens $30.00
SBC-68420 Making an Ice Sculpture $30.00
SBC-68446 Will it Snow Today? $45.00
SBC-68535 There's Another One $24.00
SBC-68560 Where did You Come From? $40.00
SBC-68600 Shine $18.00
SBC-68601 Create Balance $18.00
SBC-68611 Sleep, Baby Sleep $47.50
SBC-68616 Stringing Fallen Stars $25.00
SBC-68667 Be My Baby Ornament $15.00
SBC-68675 Juggling Stars in the Sky $15.00
SBC-68691 Just for You Jinglebaby $11.00
SBC-68707 Glistening Icebergs $22.50
SBC-68708 Tiered Riser Small $17.50
SBC-68709 Tiered Riser Large $30.00
SBC-68711 Glittered Tree Small $8.50
SBC-68748 I Found the Biggest Star of All $16.00
SBC-68756 Are You on My List? $25.00
SBC-68780 I See You $28.00
SBC-68807 JOY Ornaments $33.00
SBC-68813 With Hugs & Kisses $33.00
SBC-68814 You are My Lucky Star $35.00
SBC-68817 Stargazing $40.00
SBC-68819 When the Bough Breaks $30.00
SBC-68824 Five-Part Harmony $45.00
SBC-68828 Baby's First Rattle $15.00
SBC-68829 Joy to the World Ornament $17.00
SBC-68832 Once Upon a Time Musical $30.00
SBC-68835 Moonbeams Nightlight $20.00
SBC-68836 A Little Night Light Lamp $75.00
SBC-68837 Display Lamp $45.00
SBC-68838 Display Sled $45.00
SBC-68839 Wish Upon a Falling Star $75.00
SBC-68842 Best Little Star $16.00
SBC-68845 3, 4, No Room for More $13.00
SBC-68847 Celebrate Box $15.00
SBC-68848 Rock a Bye, Baby Box $15.00
SBC-68853 Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, To Frolic Land We Go! $48.00
SBC-68854 Whistle While You Work $33.00
SBC-68861 Candlelight Trees $25.00
SBC-68863 Candle Light, Season Bright $20.00
SBC-68864 Candle Light, Season Bright Ornament $14.00
SBC-68865 5,6, A Drum with Sticks $14.00
SBC-68868 Sweet Dreams Box $15.00
SBC-68869 Polar Express Box $15.00
SBC-68879 Frosty Frolic Friends - '98 $15.00
SBC-68880 Winter Play on a Snowy Day $48.00
SBC-68883 Once Upon a Time Box $15.00
SBC-68884 Hold on Tight Box $15.00
SBC-68886 7,8, Time to Skate $13.00
SBC-68888 3 Tiny Trumpeters $50.00
SBC-68902 Celebrate Ornament $12.50
SBC-68910 Give Me a Push $13.00
SBC-68911 Let's Go Skiing Ornament $13.00
SBC-68913 Baby's First Photo Ornament Frame $9.00
SBC-68919 Snowbaby Baby Dolls $33.00
SBC-68926 Make a Wish $30.00
SBC-68927 I Can Touch My Toes $30.00
SBC-68928 I'll Ring for You $15.00
SBC-68929 Just Imagine $15.00
SBC-68933 You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face $33.00
SBC-68938 Mirrored Shelf $65.00
SBC-68941 Celebrate $60.00
SBC-68944 Follow Me $18.00
SBC-68945 You are My Starshine $18.00
SBC-68947 Time Out Box $15.00
SBC-68948 Hard Landing $15.00
SBC-68949 Fly with Me Box $15.00
SBC-68950 Frosty Frolic Friend - '99 $15.00
SBC-68951 Royal Bootie Baby $14.00
SBC-68952 Star on Top $13.00
SBC-69004 Over the Top $25.00
SBC-69005 Hit the Mark $25.00
SBC-69011 Littlest Angel $18.00
SBC-69022 Tower of Light $40.00
SBC-69023 Moon Ornament Hangers $7.00
SBC-69024 Icebergs $20.00
SBC-69025 Candle Lights $15.00
SBC-69026 Landscape Set $15.00
SBC-69028 Take the First Step $15.00
SBC-69029 Super Star $15.00
SBC-69030 Reach Out $18.00
SBC-69032 Moon Dreams $15.00
SBC-69035 Falling for You $18.00
SBC-69036 Jumping for Joy $18.00
SBC-69037 They Call Me Joyful $13.00
SBC-69053 As Time Goes By $40.00
SBC-69054 Frosty Frolic Friends - '00 $20.00
SBC-69057 Ride the Wave $50.00
SBC-69059 It's a Wonderful World $33.00
SBC-69060 Home Sweet Home $15.00
SBC-69065 Pretty as a Picture $13.00
SBC-69069 I'm an Artist $23.00
SBC-69071 You & Me $15.00
SBC-69072 Breakfast in Bed $35.00
SBC-69075 Time Out $18.00
SBC-69078 To the Moon & Beyond $35.00
SBC-69079 Born to be a Star $45.00
SBC-69081 A Message in My Hands $40.00
SBC-69085 Acrylic Ice Ledges $12.00
SBC-69092 Second Birthday $17.00
SBC-69096 Merrily We Roll Along $90.00
SBC-69128 I'll be Home for Christmas $50.00
SBC-69129 Count Your Lucky Stars $20.00
SBC-69137 We'll Trim the Tree $25.00
SBC-69141 Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish $18.00
SBC-69161 Walk like a Penguin $28.00
SBC-69169 Up into the Stars $150.00
SBC-69182 Save the Day $18.00
SBC-69195 Build Your Own Kingdom $50.00
SBC-69219 Joy to the World $22.50
SBC-69247 Baby Flake $5.00
SBC-69248 My Gingerbread Friend $15.00
SBC-69263 Angel - "Peace" $15.00
SBC-69269 New Blessings $15.00
SBC-69280 Get Well Soon Box $18.00
SBC-69287 Be Joyful $17.50
SBC-69310 See You Next Year $25.00
SBC-69313 ...And He Kissed Me $45.00
SBC-69314 Making Tracks $100.00
SBC-69317 Let the Show Begin $27.50
SBC-69321 Smile at Yourself $17.50
SBC-69322 Ready for School $18.00
SBC-69325 Tree of Life $50.00
SBC-69326 Proof is in the Pudding $27.50
SBC-69328 Make Your Own Kind of Music $30.00
SBC-69349 And the Angels Rejoiced $18.00
SBC-69350 Wanna See My Muscles? $18.50
SBC-69358 Sparkle Trees $12.50
SBC-69360 Monday - Full of Laughter $15.00
SBC-69363 Thursday - Secret Keeper $15.00
SBC-69364 Friday - Loves Rhythm & Soul $15.00
SBC-69365 Saturday - A Star to Behold $15.00
SBC-69366 Sunday - Special in Every Way $15.00
SBC-69367 Magical Deliveries $175.00
SBC-69370 The Fisherman Three $95.00
SBC-69371 I've Got My Eyes on You $22.50
SBC-69376 Welcome Little One $40.00
SBC-69383 Build Your Own Castle $35.00
SBC-69384 Keep Truckin $27.50
SBC-69417 Snuggle Up $30.00
SBC-69421 Catch a Falling Star $18.50
SBC-69425 Just One Look $20.00
SBC-69432 Icicle Treats $18.50
SBC-69437 Love is a Baby Girl $18.50
SBC-69440 Licensed to Drive $27.50
SBC-69442 Singin' in the Rain $25.00
SBC-69444 Scrapbook Crazy $45.00
SBC-69445 Worth Waiting For $22.50
SBC-69448 Where's My Belly Button $16.00
SBC-69451 A Gingerbread Christmas $65.00
SBC-69455 Check Out My Move! $27.50
SBC-69461 Message from Heaven $16.50
SBC-69462 From Me to You $16.50
SBC-69464 Sweet Baby Dreams $16.50
SBC-69479 Ready for Takeoff? $16.50
SBC-69490 Let's Use the Good China $60.00
SBC-69493 I Can Tie Them Myself $22.50
SBC-69494 Pull Yourself Together $35.00
SBC-69495 Give My Drumsticks Back! $32.50
SBC-69497 Reindeer Crossing $45.00
SBC-69519 Ready, Set Ornament $13.00
SBC-69520 In the Groove Ornament $13.00
SBC-69522 Shoot for the Goal Ornament $13.00
SBC-69524 Hold that Pose Ornament $13.00
SBC-69610 May All Your Wrinkles Be Laugh Lines $22.50
SBC-69613 Congratulations $30.00
SBC-69616 A Hug'll Make it Better $20.00
SBC-69617 Sweeten with Happiness Throughout the Years $30.00
SBC-69626 Very Merry $15.00
SBC-69627 Warm Wishes $15.00
SBC-69630 Dance a Birthday Dance $27.50
SBC-69636 The Proud Parents $22.50
SBC-69665 Mommy, Can I Wear Your Shoes? $20.00
SBC-69667 Well Done $25.00
SBC-69673 A Servant's Heart $25.00
SBC-69702 It's All I Want for Christmas $25.00
SBC-69703 Bundle of Joy $15.00
SBC-69706 Twinkle Toes $35.00
SBC-69710 Curious Penguin Peeks $22.50
SBC-69711 Let's Just Open One $27.50
SBC-69718 Did We Send a Christmas Card to Them? $32.50
SBC-69719 I Want Up, Too $32.50
SBC-69720 A Baby Brings Joy $22.50
SBC-69721 Littlest Tree $18.50
SBC-69722 A Little Message to You $20.00
SBC-69724 Goodnight, Moon $20.00
SBC-69726 Wish Upon a Star $17.50
SBC-69729 Kittens Get into Christmas $47.50
SBC-69763 Powder Puff $20.00
SBC-69804 Look, Pooh, No Hands $22.50
SBC-69807 Reading is Fun with Pooh $$37.50
SBC-69811 Dance & Be Happy $95.00
SBC-69812 Rubber Duckie, Have Some Fun $55.00
SBC-69816 Friends Come in All Sizes $27.50
SBC-69820 We are Wrapped & Ready to Go $55.00
SBC-69821 Find Me a Rainbow, Big Bird $20.00
SBC-69827 Magic from Tinkerbell $60.00
SBC-69828 Bedtime Story with Cookie Monster $47.50
SBC-69829 Merry Christmas, Oscar $60.00
SBC-69831 An Enchanting Day with Belle $70.00
SBC-69860 A Very Pooh Christmas $195.00
SBC-69901 A Gift So Fine for Madeline $50.00
SBC-69902 A Kiss for You and 2000, too $50.00
SBC-69903 Under the Midnight Moon with Barbie $50.00
SBC-69908 The Red Nosed Reindeer $17.00
SBC-69915 And We've Been Really Good $65.00
SBC-69924 We See Eye to Eye $15.00
SBC-69927 A Curious Ride $50.00
SBC-69930 First to the Finish $17.00
SBC-69932 Perfect Balance $25.00
SBC-69933 Starlight Games Flag $9.00
SBC-69936 See You on the Slopes $18.00
SBC-69941 Soak All Your Worries Away $30.00
SBC-69944 Hold that Pose $17.00
SBC-69948 The Puck Stops Here $18.00
SBC-69949 It's a Birdie $19.00
SBC-69951 Good Sports - Good Friends $33.00
SBC-69959 It's a Gimmie $20.00
SBC-69960 We are the Champions $35.00
SBC-69961 I'm Rooting for You $18.50
SBC-69964 My First Wheels $25.00
SBC-69971 Soccer's My Game $18.50
SBC-69974 You're the Champ $25.00
SBC-69985 Dance with My Baby $15.00
SBC-69987 Santa Claus is Coming to Town $75.00
SBC-69994 Let's fly, Mother Goose $25.00
SBC-69997 High Five for Humpty Dumpty $55.00
SBC-70100 Christmas Gift Cascading Stars $30.00
SBC-70101 Winter Magic Cascading Snowflakes $30.00
SBC-70102 Evening Light Cascading Stars $30.00
SBC-76686 Animated Skating Pond $60.00
SBC-76687 Frosty Pines $13.00
SBC-79561 Hold on Tight $14.00
SBC-795995 Baby Bear Steps $25.00
SBC-795996 Bear Back Ride - Gift Set $25.00
SBC-796000 Climb High, Shine Bright $45.00
SBC-796011 Make Me Laugh $45.00
SBC-79766 Snowbaby Lighted Ornament $12.00
SBC-79871 Icy Igloo $38.00
SBC-798862 Baby in the Hood $28.50
SBC-800351 Fresh Fallen Snow $20.00
SBC-801652 Rising Star $55.00
SBC-801692 Baby's Blankie $25.00
SBC-801870 Can Angels Really Fly $35.00
SBC-801871 Ready, Set, Throw $15.00
SBC-801872 The Stocking Was Hung by the Igloo with Care $55.00
SBC-807084 A Captive Audience $35.00
SBC-807313 Tickle Me Teddy $18.50
SBC-807338 Cat & the Fiddle $25.00
SBC-807362 We are Deer Friends $27.50
SBC-808233 Snuggle Babies $10.00
SBC-810395 Smiling Snowman $12.50
SBC-811834 Ready, Set, Snow! $25.00
SBC-811837 You're the Star on Top $35.00
SBC-811841 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep $22.50
SBC-811842 Anybody Home? $45.00

Last Updated: 04/01/2017