Department 56 Inc.
North Pole Village

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
NPV-4023615 Santa's Get-away $89.00
NPV-4023616 Cars North Pole Rally Center $95.00
NPV-4025277 Cars Holiday Detail Shop $100.00
NPV-4025279 North Pole Snuffles Luv-A-Hug Center $80.00
NPV-4025281 North Pole Bike Shop $90.00
NPV-4025284 Perry's Christmas Poinsettias $50.00
NPV-4028702 Mrs. Claus' Cookie Supplies $89.00
NPV-4030712 Star Brite Glass Ornament Shop $95.00
NPV-4030713 Northern Lights Depot $95.00
NPV-4030715 Katie's Candied Apples $75.00
NPV-4030717 Snowflake's Snow Cone Shop $70.00
NPV-4030718 The Polar Plunge Warming House $85.00
NPV-4030719 Jack B. Nimble Candle Shop $65.00
NPV-4035571 Holiday Special The Jolly Fellow Toy Co. $89.00
NPV-4036540 Santa's North Pole Office $95.00
NPV-4036541 North Pole Baby Doll Boutique $75.00
NPV-4036542 North Pole Hobby Horse Barn $80.00
NPV-4036543 Dasher's Kick Start Espresso Bar $75.00
NPV-4036546 Fisher-Price Fun Factory $120.00
NPV-4036547 Tinker's Tiny Home $75.00
NPV-4042401 North Pole Harley-Davidson $95.00
NPV-4044833 Santa's Little Cakes $75.00
NPV-4044835 The Original Ugly Sweater Co. $95.00
NPV-4044836 The Happy Gnome Pub $100.00
NPV-4044838 Bob's Sled Thrill Ride $110.00
NPV-4044839 Sven's Swell House $80.00
NPV-4049200 The Sounds Of Christmas - North Pole $89.00
NPV-4049201 North Pole Snow Inspector Station $90.00
NPV-4049202 Hasbro Easy-Bake Bakery $110.00
NPV-4050962 Fisher Price Pull Toy Factory $115.00
NPV-4050963 North Pole Weather Station $105.00
NPV-4050964 North Pole Licorice Works $95.00
NPV-4050965 North Pole Sizzlin' Griddle $85.00
NPV-4050966 Anniversary Gazebo, North Pole $99.00
NPV-4050967 Santa's Chair Works $90.00
NPV-4054967 North Pole, Christmas Sweets $89.00
NPV-56324 North Pole Gate $33.00
NPV-56390 Start a Tradition Set $85.00
NPV-56392 Hall of Records $50.00
NPV-56400 Custom Stitchers $37.50
NPV-56705 Jack in the Box Plant #2 $65.00
NPV-56756 Mitten Manor $45.00
NPV-56781 Alfie's Toy School for Elves $65.00
NPV-56785 I.C. Dreams Igloo Construction Co. $75.00
NPV-56793 Santa's Tailor Shop $85.00
NPV-56796 Poinsettia Palace $100.00
NPV-56880 Town Meeting Hall $73.00
NPV-56881 Oakwood Post Office $65.00
NPV-56884 Trim-A-Tree Factory $55.00
NPV-56900 Scrooge McDuck & Marley's Counting House $75.00
NPV-56901 Mickey's Cratchet Cottage $65.00
NPV-56950 Santa's Sleighmaker $110.00
NPV-56953 Santa's Beacon $85.00
NPV-56954 Augie's Christmas Carols $75.00
NPV-56957 North Pole Snow Bank $75.00
NPV-56959 Elfin Toy Museum $95.00
NPV-799916 Jolly's Jigsaw Puzzle Workshop $70.00
NPV-799917 Northstar Karaoke Club $75.00
NPV-799918 Polar Bear Palace $110.00
NPV-799919 Reindeer Flying Feed $75.00
NPV-799999 The Reindeer Stables - Dasher & Dancer $85.00
NPV-804440 Hatley Hall $85.00
NPV-805541 North Pole Palace $150.00
NPV-805542 The Reindeer Stables - Prancer & Vixen $85.00
NPV-805543 Lunch Box Cafe $75.00


56AP-4020209 Santas in Training $30.00
56AP-4020212 I Break for Cocoa $15.00
56AP-4020213 We Like 'em All $17.50
56AP-4020951 Gumdrop Treetop $15.00
56AP-4023618 Mater Christmas to You, too $30.00
56AP-4025293 The Santa Palooza Masterpiece! $20.00
56AP-4025294 A Bloomin' Merry Christmas $17.50
56AP-4030714 Northern Lights Express Engine $70.00
56AP-4030721 Countdown To Christmas $37.50
56AP-4030722 Nice Save $15.00
56AP-4030723 Christmas Toys On Schedule $20.00
56AP-4030727 Santa's Polar Plunge $27.50
56AP-4030729 North Pole Nativity $25.00
56AP-4033846 Northern Lights Curved Track $18.50
56AP-4036549 Animated Flight Test $70.00
56AP-4036550 Check and Double Check $25.00
56AP-4036552 Cowboy Kids $20.00
56AP-4036553 Java Brew for Two $20.00
56AP-4036557 Fisher-Price Toys $25.00
56AP-4036558 Fisher-Price Lil Farmer $25.00
56AP-4036560 North Pole Sleigh Ride $49.00
56AP-4042402 Snowbike Like A Harley Bike $32.50
56AP-4042403 Trike Load of Christmas $30.00
56AP-4044840 Northern Lights Tree Car  $60.00
56AP-4044844 Santa's Little Baker $27.50
56AP-4044845 The Perfect Party Sweater $27.50
56AP-4044846 Perfect Conditions For Takeoff $32.50
56AP-4044847 Heading Home On The Double $30.00
56AP-4044849 Face Plant $27.50
56AP-4044850 Selfie #Happy Gnome $22.50
56AP-4044851 Tiny Lumberjack $30.00
56AP-4044852  North Pole Town Tree  $59.00 
56AP-4049204 Perfect Snow For Christmas Eve $30.00
56AP-4049205 Easy-Frost Frosting $30.00
56AP-4049206 Sharing Easy-Bake Cake $22.50
56AP-4050969 Toot-Toot Tester $20.00
56AP-4050971 Taffy Party! $22.50
56AP-4050972 Sizzlin' Samples $25.00
56AP-4050973 Last Test Before Takeoff $25.00
56AP-4050975 Skip With A Twist $22.50
56AP-4050976 A Personal Touch $22.50
56AP-4054969 North Pole, Sidewalk Sweets $26.00
56AP-52509 Woodland Carousel $75.00
56AP-53114 Peppermint Sign $7.50
56AP-56316 Sing a Song for Santa $28.00
56AP-56363 Peppermint Skating Party $64.00
56AP-56431 Welcome to Elfland $35.00
56AP-56434 Christmas Fun Run $35.00
56AP-56435 Delivering Real Plastic Snow $17.00
56AP-56443 Happy New Year $18.00
56AP-56801 Leonardo & Vincent $17.00
56AP-56813 Car Wash Cadets $17.00
56AP-56814 Two for the Show $18.00
56AP-56815 Kick up Your Heels $14.00
56AP-56820 Raising the Flag at the North Pole $15.00
56AP-56838 Running the Loom $12.50
56AP-56841 Coca Cola Taste Test $17.50
56AP-56850 Bustin a Move $15.00
56AP-56856 A Perfect Fit $16.50
56AP-56857 Key to the North Pole $15.00
56AP-56858 Fly Through Elf $15.00
56AP-56863 New Year's at the North Pole $20.00
56AP-56867 Ice & Snow Skating Pond $50.00
56AP-56871 Christmas Around the World - Feliz Navidad $30.00
56AP-56877 Welcome to Nettie's B&B $17.50
56AP-57200 Christmas Around the World - Germany $25.00
56AP-57201 Polar Bear Taxi Service $25.00
56AP-57209 Just the Right Size, Santa $12.50
56AP-57211 Road Trip $18.50
56AP-57213 Wee Deliver Groceries $15.00
56AP-57218 Santa's New Sleigh Design #56 $15.00
56AP-57221 Hope this is the Correct Replacement Bulb $12.50
56AP-57222 Christmas Carol Rehearsal $20.00
56AP-57225 No Two Alike $15.00
56AP-57226 Breaking the Bank $12.50
56AP-57227 Christmas Around the World - Scandinavia $25.00
56AP-57228 Hide 'N Seek $18.50
56AP-57228 Teddy Bear's Truck Ride $12.50
56AP-799953 The Little Ballerina $17.50
56AP-799955 Karaoke Night $17.50
56AP-799956 Motorcycle Test Drive $17.50
56AP-80009 Up North Outhouse $22.50
56AP-807235 Gifts from Santa and Mrs. Claus $27.50
56AP-807238 You want Fries with That? $20.00
56AP-807242 Hooked a Big One $20.00
56AP-807243 Christmas Around the World - China $30.00
56AP-808932 Basket Weaving 101 $22.50

Last Updated: 01/17/2017