Mary's Moo Moos

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
MMM-159549 Spring is in the Air $14.95
MMM-273422 You Lift Up My Holiday Spirits $22.50
MMM-274143 Luminaries $25.00
MMM-274151 Eggspecting You Home for the Holidays $16.50
MMM-274399 We Wish You a Mooey Christmas $25.00
MMM-274453 It's Butter to Give $12.50
MMM-280690 Haybale $3.00
MMM-296848 Mooing in the Rain $15.00
MMM-299766 Fence $6.50
MMM-370142 I've Been Udderly Good This Year $20.00
MMM-372439 Singing Moo Praises $18.50
MMM-372498 We're Purr-fect Harmony $15.00
MMM-372501 Howl-eluia $15.00
MMM-372536 Squeal for Joy $15.00
MMM-372579 Eat, Drink, & Be Mooey $16.50
MMM-372587 Moo Give Thanks $16.50
MMM-372595 You're A-maize-ing $15.00
MMM-372668 Haybale Box $20.00
MMM-454710 Mini Accessories - Set of 5 $15.00
MMM-485055 Returning Your Love $15.00
MMM-540943 Hoofy Moo Year $30.00
MMM-545899 I Saw Moommy Kissing Santa $15.00
MMM-549355 Got milk? with Plush $25.00
MMM-671088 You're on the Right Track $40.00
MMM-725676 You're My Prime Choice $20.00
MMM-725692 Wee! Fall in Love $17.50
MMM-725706 This Time of Year is an Udder Delight $17.50
MMM-725714 Hoffiness is Being Content $17.50
MMM-728764 Got milk? with Christmas Plush $25.00
MMM-774642 Hay bales $8.00
MMM-833657 February $20.00
MMM-833754 October $20.00
MMM-833789 Moo of the Month Display $40.00

Last Updated: 08/14/2014