Department 56 Inc.

Village Accessories

Inventory not updated in real-time. Please call or email with questions.

Item Number Item Description Item Price  
56A-4020251 Friendly Neighbors $23.50
56A-4020252 Stray Cat Strut $15.00
56A-4020263 Winter Berry Trees $18.50
56A-51756 Frosted Norway Pines $13.00
56A-52477 All Around the Park $95.00
56A-52493 White Zigzag Tree $15.00
56A-52507 Green Zigzag Tree $15.00
56A-52558 Snowy Spruce $15.00
56A-52582 Village Mountain Tunnel $37.50
56A-52591 Village Square Clock $32.50
56A-52601 Brick Town Square $15.00
56A-52602 Cobblestone Town Square $15.00
56A-52616 Autumn Trees $13.50
56A-52618 Pine Point Pond $32.50
56A-52619 Double Pine Trees $13.50
56A-52631 Birch Tree Cluster $20.00
56A-52635 Mill Creek Bridge $35.00
567A-52636 Winter Birch Trees $22.50
56A-52640 Turntable $50.00
56A-52644 Village Waterfall $65.00
56A-52647 Stone Trestle Bridge $35.00
56A-52653 Mill Creek Wood Bridge $32.50
56A-52658 TV Antenna $5.00
56A-52669 Candy Cane Bench $5.00
56A-52683 Lit Snowy Tree $27.50
56A-52691 Camden Park Cobblestone Road $10.00
56A-52705 Camden Park Fountain $84.00
56A-52718 Fieldstone Entry Gate $10.00
56A-52768 Fieldstone Wall with Apple Tree $25.00
56A-52769 Swinging Under the Old Oak Tree $30.00
56A-52790 Photo with Santa $90.00
56A-52794 Craggy Cliff Platform $65.00
56A-52797 Wooden Rowboats $20.00
56A-52811 Personalize Your Village Accessories $16.50
56A-52828 Dogs & Cats $15.00
56A-52864 Mountain Lion Den $22.50
56A-52865 Buffalo on the Prairie $22.50
56A-52866 Birds out Back $30.00
56A-52901 Holly Tree and Bush $20.00
56A-53612 Scotch Pines $22.50
56A-53616 Lighted Fresh Frost Tree $32.50
56A-55123 Village Utilities $13.00
56A-55501 Paint Your own Village Sign $12.50
56A-55502 Stars & Stripes Gazebo $50.00
56A-55524 Village Monuments $26.00
56A-56640 Up the Apple Tree $27.50
56A-56717 Ice Crystal Walls $15.00
56A-56722 Icicle Trees $27.50
56A-800007 First Frost Tree $17.50
56A-800488 Wintergreen Trees $25.00

Last Updated: 01/15/2017