Precious Moments Inc.

Precious Moments

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
EPM-0000364 For His Precious Love - Girl $30.00
EPM-0000365 For His Precious Love - Boy $30.00
EPM-100048 To My Deer Friend $50.00
EPM-100064 O Worship the Lord - Girl $37.50
EPM-100072 To My Forever Friend $49.95
EPM-100080 He's the Healer of Broken Hearts $49.95
EPM-100137 The Joy of the Lord is My Strength $49.95
EPM-100501 God Bless Our Family $50.00
EPM-101001 My Hope is in You - Dated 2010 figurine $35.00
EPM-101035 May Your Christmas Bring Excitement & Joy $22.50
EPM-101039 Let the Christmas Spirit Brighten Your World $22.50
EPM-101045 Every Knee Shall Bow Before Him - Mini Nativity Animal Set $40.00
EPM-101068 May Your Christmas Ring with Joy $22.50
EPM-101076 Hope is a Precious Gift $22.50
EPM-101233 Cherishing Each Special Moment $50.00
EPM-101496 Rats, I Missed Your Birthday $20.00
EPM-101497 It's What's Inside That Counts $35.00
EPM-101505 Precious Grandpa $25.00
EPM-101513 My Love Spills Over for Mom $35.00
EPM-101527 Chrysanthemum Sassy & Cheerful - November $40.00
EPM-102229 O Worship the Lord - Boy $37.50
EPM-102377 Trust and Obey $16.95
EPM-102385 Love Rescued Me - Ornament $16.95
EPM-102938R God Bless America $40.00
EPM-102970 I Would Be Sunk without You $20.00
EPM-103632 I Believe in the Old Rugged Cross $35.00
EPM-104000 Come Let Us Adore Him - 9 pc. Nativity Set $140.00
EPM-104202 May Your Holiday Sparkle - Dated 2002 Figurine $35.00
EPM-104204 Baby's 1st Christmas - Boy $20.00
EPM-104206 Baby's 1st Christmas - Girl $20.00
EPM-104207 Our First Christmas Together $25.00
EPM-104210 Jesus is Born $40.00
EPM-104215 You are My Christmas Special $100.00
EPM-104788 Making the Holiday Special $18.50
EPM-104794 Hooked on the Holidays Ornament $16.00
EPM-105953 Brighten Someone's Day $14.95
EPM-106194 God Bless You Graduate - Boy with Cap & Diploma $29.95
EPM-106632 God Shed His Grace on Thee $60.00
EPM-106755 Heaven Bless Your Togetherness $90.00
EPM-108523 Overflowing with Love $25.00
EPM-108532 Collecting Life's Most Precious Moments $25.00
EPM-108533 Just for Your Knowledge I'll Miss You at College $40.00
EPM-108534 Wishing You a Birthday fit for a Princess $25.00
EPM-108539 I'm so Glad I Spotted You as a Friend $25.00
EPM-108540 May Your Faith Grow with Daily Care $40.00
EPM-108602 Thanks for a Quarter Century of Loving, Caring & Sharing $100.00
EPM-109231 The Greatest Gift is a Friend $40.00
EPM-109479 Birthday Train Age 7 - Leopard $22.50
EPM-109800 Meowie Christmas $34.95
EPM-109886 Wishing You a Happy Easter $29.95
EPM-109983 January $44.95
EPM-109991 February $39.95
EPM-110027 April $37.50
EPM-110043 June $49.95
EPM-110051 July $44.95
EPM-110086 September $34.95
EPM-110108 November $37.50
EPM-111001 Love is the Best Gift of All $35.00
EPM-111105 Nativity LED $30.00
EPM-11112 Starry Night Backdrop $5.00
EPM-111155 Faith Takes the Plunge $35.00
EPM-112143 Mommy, I Love You $30.00
EPM-112356 You Have Touched so Many Hearts - Ornament $16.00
EPM-112380 He Cleansed My Soul - Ornament $15.95
EPM-112839 Icy Good Times Ahead $35.00
EPM-112841 Our First Christmas Together $25.00
EPM-112842 Baby's 1st Christmas '03 Ornament - Girl $20.00
EPM-112843 Baby's 1st Christmas '03 Ornament - Boy $20.00
EPM-112876 Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed $20.00
EPM-114011 I'm Sorry $30.00
EPM-114021 Happy Birthday to Our Love $50.00
EPM-114027 Hope Blooms in a Garden of Glory $45.00
EPM-114029 Humble Prayers Make Hearts Bloom $45.00
EPM-114031 Dreams Bloom with a Seed of Faith $45.00
EPM-114918 Friends Make Life More Fun $80.00
EPM-114958 I Will Never Leaf You $40.00
EPM-115913 Orange You the Sweetest Thing $38.00
EPM-115914 You're A-peeling to Me $38.00
EPM-115915 You are the Apple of My Eye $38.00
EPM-115917 You're Pear-fectly Sweet $38.00
EPM-115918 You're Just Peachy $38.00
EPM-117784 S'mitten with the Christmas Spirit $20.00
EPM-117790 Bea-ver-y Good This Year $20.00
EPM-119460 Take My Hand $40.00
EPM-121001 Light Your Heart with Christmas Joy - Figurine $35.00
EPM-12238A Mini Clown Balancing Ball $19.95
EPM-12262 I Get a Bang Out of You $45.00
EPM-12270 Lord Keep Me on the Ball $45.00
EPM-127019 Love Blooms Eternal $35.00
EPM-127809 Congratulations, You Earned Your Stripes - Zebras $14.95
EPM-128309 Dreams Really do Come True $37.50
EPM-128694 Happy Hula Days $29.95
EPM-128708 Owl Be Home for Christmas - Dated 1996 Ornament $18.50
EPM-129119 He Graces the Earth with Abundance $50.00
EPM-129127 Beside the Still Waters $50.00
EPM-129135 He Covers the Earth with Glory $50.00
EPM-129143 The Beauty of God Blooms Forever $50.00
EPM-129488 Love Letters in the Sand $35.00
EPM-131001 Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All $35.00
EPM-131025 Snow Place Like Home - Ornament $25.00
EPM-131027 Let Heaven And Nature Sing $25.00
EPM-131058 Forever In My Heart - Ornament $25.00
EPM-136190 Growing in Grace Age 1 - Blonde $25.00
EPM-136212 Growing in Grace Age 2 - Blonde $25.00
EPM-136212B Growing in Grace Age 2 - Brunette $25.00
EPM-136220 Growing in Grace Age 3 - Blonde $25.00
EPM-136220B Growing in Grace Age 3 - Brunette $25.00
EPM-136239 Growing in Grace Age 4 - Blonde $30.00
EPM-136239B Growing in Grace Age 4 - Brunette $30.00
EPM-136247 Growing in Grace Age 5 - Blonde $30.00
EPM-136247B Growing in Grace Age 5 - Brunette $30.00
EPM-136255 Growing in Grace Age 6 - Blonde $30.00
EPM-136255B Growing in Grace Age 6 - Brunette $30.00
EPM-136263 Growing in Grace Age 16 - Blonde $50.00
EPM-139564 You Make My Spirit Soar $20.00
EPM-141007 Happy Holly-Days $25.00
EPM-142010B Growing in Grace Age 1 - Brunette $35.00
EPM-142012B Growing in Grace Age 3 - Brunette $35.00
EPM-142021 Birthday Train Age 1 - Lamb $25.00
EPM-142022 Birthday Train Age 2 - Seal $20.00
EPM-142023 Birthday Train Age 3 - Pig $25.00
EPM-142024 Birthday Train Age 4 - Elephant $30.00
EPM-142025 Birthday Train Age 5 - Lion $35.00
EPM-142026 Birthday Train Age 6 - Giraffe $35.00
EPM-142029 Birthday Train Age 9 - Horse $35.00
EPM-142030 Birthday Train Age 10 - Whale $35.00
EPM-142034 Birthday Train Age 14 - Walrus $35.00
EPM-142654 He Covers Earth with His Beauty Dated '95 Figurine $29.95
EPM-142670 He Covers Earth with His Beauty '95 Dated Plate $49.95
EPM-142719 Baby's 1st Christmas '95 - Girl Ornament $18.00
EPM-142727 Baby's 1st Christmas '95 - Boy Ornament $18.00
EPM-142751 Making the Trail to Bethlehem $32.50
EPM-150088 I'll Give Him My Heart $40.00
EPM-150096 Soot Yourself to a Merry Christmas $35.00
EPM-150126 Joy from Head to Mistletoe $16.95
EPM-150134 Merry Chris-moose - Dated 1995 Ornament $17.00
EPM-150150 Sugar Town Train Station $100.00
EPM-150169 Sugar Town Sam Conductor $20.00
EPM-150177 Sugar Town Railroad Sign $12.00
EPM-150185 Sugar Town Luggage Cart $13.00
EPM-150207 Sugar Town Bus Stop Sign $8.50
EPM-150215 Sugar Town Fire Hydrant $5.00
EPM-150223 Sugar Town Bird Bath $9.00
EPM-150320 Joy to the World - Ornament $19.95
EPM-151001 You Make The Season One Of A Kind - Dated 2015 Figurine $35.00
EPM-151002 You Make The Season One Of A Kind - Dated 2015 Ornament $25.00
EPM-151007 Owl Be Home For Christmas - Dated 2015 Ornament $25.00
EPM-151008 Happy Howlidays - Dated 2015 Ornament $25.00
EPM-151009 Pur-fect Love - Dated 2015 Ornament $25.00
EPM-151025 Lift Every Voice And Sing - 2015 Angel Ornament $25.00
EPM-152010B Growing in Grace Age 4 - Brunette $30.00
EPM-152011 Growing in Grace Age 5 - Blonde $37.50
EPM-152011B Growing in Grace Age 5 - Brunette $37.50
EPM-152021 Baby, You're Grand $150.00
EPM-152595 Sugar Town Train $75.00
EPM-153338 Joy to the World - Angel $19.95
EPM-15938 Birthday Train Baby - Bear $14.95
EPM-15997 Birthday Train Age 6 - Giraffe $26.50
EPM-16004 Birthday Train Clown $25.00
EPM-161002 Wishing You A Beautiful Christmas $25.00
EPM-161007 Beary Cozy Christmas $25.00
EPM-161009 Meowie Christmas $25.00
EPM-161414 To My Sweetheart $25.00
EPM-163619 You Are Always There for Me - Boy $50.00
EPM-163716 '96 Mother's Day Plate $50.00
EPM-163740 Growing in Grace Age 7 - Blonde $35.00
EPM-163740B Growing in Grace Age 7 - Brunette $35.00
EPM-163759 Growing in Grace Age 8 - Blonde $35.00
EPM-163767 Take it to the Lord $30.00
EPM-163775 The Sun is Always Shining $38.00
EPM-163856 Sowing Seeds of Kindness $37.50
EPM-163899 It May be Greener, But it's Just as Hard to Cut $40.00
EPM-176958 Some Plant, Some Water, But God Giveth the Increase $37.50
EPM-183342 Peace on Earth, Anyway - Figurine $33.00
EPM-183350 Peace on Earth, Anyway - Ball $30.00
EPM-183369 Peace on Earth, Anyway - Ornament $19.00
EPM-183377 Peace on Earth, Anyway - Plate $50.00
EPM-183776 Angels on Earth $40.00
EPM-183792 Snowbunny Loves You Like I Do $18.50
EPM-183814 The Most Precious Gift of All $37.50
EPM-183857 Color Your World with Thanksgiving $50.00
EPM-183865 Growing in Grace Age 9 - Blonde $30.00
EPM-183873 Growing in Grace Age 10 - Blonde $40.00
EPM-183881 God's Precious Gift $19.95
EPM-183903 When Skating gets Ruff, Try Prayer $19.00
EPM-183911 Our 1st Christmas Together $23.00
EPM-183954 Nativity Shepherds & Sheep - Set of Three $40.00
EPM-184012 All Sing His Praises $32.50
EPM-184136 Sugar Town Flag Pole $15.00
EPM-184144 Sugar Town Hot Cocoa Stand $15.00
EPM-184152 Sugar Town Bonfire $10.00
EPM-184179 Sugar Town Station - Set of Five $170.00
EPM-184195 Sam's House - Set $170.00
EPM-184268 A Bouquet from God's Garden of Love $37.50
EPM-192368 Give Ability a Chance $30.00
EPM-260924 Growing in Grace Age 11 - Blonde $40.00
EPM-260924B Growing in Grace Age 11 - Brunette $40.00
EPM-260932 Growing in Grace Age 12 - Blonde $40.00
EPM-260932B Growing in Grace Age 12 - Brunette $40.00
EPM-260940 From the First Time I Spotted You, I Knew We'd Be  Friends $20.00
EPM-261068 Friends From the Very Beginning $50.00
EPM-261106 Hogs and Kisses $50.00
EPM-261130 Have You Any Room for Jesus? $35.00
EPM-261297 November Birthstone Angel $20.00
EPM-261327 December Birthstone Angel $20.00
EPM-261351 We're So Hoppy You're Here $33.00
EPM-266353 Baby Girl Plate $35.00
EPM-272422 Good Friends are Forever $30.00
EPM-272450 Make a Joyful Noise $30.00
EPM-272523 Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus $35.00
EPM-272531 Sharing the Light of Love $35.00
EPM-272558 I Think You're Just Divine $40.00
EPM-272566 Joy to the World $20.00
EPM-272590 I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas $25.00
EPM-272647 Growing in Grace Age 13 - Blonde $40.00
EPM-272655 Growing in Grace Age 14 - Blonde $40.00
EPM-272655B Growing in Grace Age 14 - Brunette $40.00
EPM-272698 Cane You Join Us for a Merry Christmas? Ornament $19.00
EPM-272701 Cane You Join Us for a Merry Christmas? Plate $50.00
EPM-272728 Cane You Join Us for a Merry Christmas? Ball $30.00
EPM-272736 Our 1st Christmas Together - '97 $20.00
EPM-272744 Baby's1st Christmas '97 - Girl $19.00
EPM-272752 Baby's1st Christmas '97 - Boy $19.00
EPM-272760 Slow Down for the Holidays $18.50
EPM-272787 And You Shall See a Star $32.50
EPM-272817 Aunt Cleo $19.00
EPM-272833 Heather $20.00
EPM-272892 Puppies on Sled $19.00
EPM-272906 Bike Rack $15.00
EPM-272949 Pack Your Trunk for the Holidays $20.00
EPM-272957 My Love will Keep You Warm $37.50
EPM-279447 Baby Boy Plate $35.00
EPM-283541 Rejoice in Victory $30.00
EPM-283584 God Bless You with Bouquets of Victory $50.00
EPM-306843 Twenty Years, and the Vision's Still the Same $55.00
EPM-306932 Loving You, Dear Valentine $25.00
EPM-306940 He Cleansed My Soul $25.00
EPM-306967 You are Always on My Mind $37.50
EPM-306991 Missum You $45.00
EPM-307017 You're as Sweet as Pie $45.00
EPM-307041 Nobody likes to be Dumped $65.00
EPM-320595 Loving is Caring $20.00
EPM-325279 Wait Patiently on the Lord $30.00
EPM-325309 Only One Life to Offer $37.50
EPM-325325 The Good Lord will Always Uphold Us $50.00
EPM-325473 Mom, You're My Special-tea $25.00
EPM-325538 Well, Blow Me Down, It's Yer Birthday $50.00
EPM-4003178 His Truth is Marching On $20.00
EPM-4024082 A Purr-fect Gift $20.00
EPM-4024088 May Your Holidays be So-Sew Special $35.00
EPM-4024108 A Nurse's Care is the Best Medicine $20.00
EPM-451312 Twenty Years, and the Vision's Still the Same Ornament $22.50
EPM-455636 Our 1st Christmas Together '98 $25.00
EPM-455660 Well I'll be Dog-ged, It's that Season Again $19.00
EPM-455687 Mornin' Pumpkin $45.00
EPM-455768 Peas on Earth $35.00
EPM-455776 I'm Just Nutty About the Holidays Ornament $17.50
EPM-455784 Alaska Once More, How's Yer Christmas? $35.00
EPM-455792 You can Always Fudge a Little During the Season $35.00
EPM-455806 Things are Poppin' at Our House this Christmas $45.00
EPM-455814 Wishing You a Yummy Christmas $30.00
EPM-455822 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus $65.00
EPM-455830 Warmest Wishes for the Holidays $50.00
EPM-455849 Time for a Holy Holiday $35.00
EPM-455865 Wishing You a Mooie Christmas $60.00
EPM-455873 Have a Cozy Country Christmas $50.00
EPM-455903 Friends are Forever, Sew-Bee it $60.00
EPM-455938 I Now Pronounce You Man & Wife $30.00
EPM-455970 Flight into Egypt $75.00
EPM-456004 12 Days of Christmas #3 $20.00
EPM-456012 12 Days of Christmas #4 $20.00
EPM-456039 12 Days of Christmas #6 $20.00
EPM-456055 12 Days of Christmas #8 $20.00
EPM-456268 How Can Two Work Together Except They Agree $25.00
EPM-456314 Heaven Bless You, Easter Seal $35.00
EPM-456403 Italy - Don't Rome too Far from Home $20.00
EPM-456454 Mexico - Hola Amigo! $20.00
EPM-456462 Africa - Afri-can be There for You, I will be $20.00
EPM-456934 England - My Love will Stand Guard Over You $20.00
EPM-469327 I'm Sending You a Merry Christmas $50.00
EPM-487953 You Can Always Count on Me $35.00
EPM-488003 Birthday Train Age 11 - Turtle $26.50
EPM-488011 Birthday Train Age 12 - Panda $26.50
EPM-488038 Birthday Train Age 13 - Moose $25.00
EPM-488046 Mom, You Have Given so Much $35.00
EPM-488054 You Just Can't Replace a Good Friendship $35.00
EPM-488089 He'll Carry Me Through $45.00
EPM-488135 Delivering Good News to You $15.00
EPM-488259 Hope is Revealed $70.00
EPM-488283 Jonah & the Whale $25.00
EPM-488305 Joseph's Special Coat $25.00
EPM-488321 You Can't Take it with You $25.00
EPM-488356 Always Listen to Your Heart $25.00
EPM-488410 Love One Another Hinged Box $25.00
EPM-488437 Jesus is the Light Hinged Box $25.00
EPM-490245 Give Your Whole Heart $30.00
EPM-490318 God Knows Our Ups & Downs $30.00
EPM-490327 You Oughta be in Pictures $33.00
EPM-491586 World's Greatest Student - Boy $20.00
EPM-491594 World's Sweetest Girl $20.00
EPM-491608 World's Best Helper - Girl $20.00
EPM-491616 World's Greatest Student - Girl $20.00
EPM-491640 You're # 1 - Boy $20.00
EPM-505153 Have Faith in God $50.00
EPM-520403 Hippo Holly Days $16.95
EPM-520411 I'm Nuts About You $16.00
EPM-520446 Sno-ball without You $19.00
EPM-520454 Happy Holi-Daze $17.50
EPM-520659 Wishing You a Happy Bear Hug $27.50
EPM-520667 Eggspecially for You $50.00
EPM-520721 Just a Line to Wish You a Happy Day $74.95
EPM-520748 Friendship Hits the Spot $64.95
EPM-520764 Puppy Love $17.50
EPM-520829 You Are My #1 $30.00
EPM-520837 The Lord is Your Light to Happiness $59.95
EPM-520934 Heaven Bless You $35.00
EPM-521000 There is No Greater Treasure $30.00
EPM-521175 Hello World $16.00
EPM-521191 Lord, Spare Me $37.50
EPM-521213 The Fruit of the Spirit is Love $30.00
EPM-521221 Enter His Court with Thanksgiving $34.95
EPM-521418 I'll Never Stop Loving You $40.00
EPM-521434 To a Very Special Mom & Dad $34.95
EPM-521450 Lord, Help Me Stick to My Job $35.00
EPM-521469 I'll Weight for You $30.00
EPM-521477 Tell it to Jesus $37.50
EPM-521515 Water-meloncholy Day without You $35.00
EPM-521671 Hope You Are Over the Hump $17.50
EPM-521701 Shoot for the Stars & You'll Never Strike Out $60.00
EPM-521817 Good Friends are Forever $54.95
EPM-521914 Perfect Harmony $55.00
EPM-521981 Marching to the Beat of Freedom's Drum $34.95
EPM-522015 To the Apple of God's Eye $35.00
EPM-522058 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep $32.50
EPM-522120 Wishing You a Successful Season $70.00
EPM-522260 To be with You is Uplifting $22.50
EPM-522279 A Reflection of His Love $50.00
EPM-522287 Thinking of You is What I Really like to Do $30.00
EPM-522317 Merry Christmas, Deer $60.00
EPM-522325 Somebody Cares $40.00
EPM-523178 Joy on Arrival $49.95
EPM-523518 God is Love, Dear Valentine $29.95
EPM-523550 He is Our Shelter from the Storm $75.00
EPM-523615 Good News is so Uplifting $64.95
EPM-523755 Just Poppin in to Say Halo $44.95
EPM-524077 Baby's First Meal $37.50
EPM-524123 Good Friends are for Always $32.50
EPM-524204 Love is Colorblind $60.00
EPM-524298 May Your Every Wish Come True $49.95
EPM-524360 Something Precious from Above $50.00
EPM-524379 So Glad I Picked You as a Friend $40.00
EPM-524387 Take Time to Smell the Flowers $35.00
EPM-524409 Be Fruitful and Multiply $50.00
EPM-524476 God Cared Enough to Send  His Very Best $50.00
EPM-524492 Can't be Without You $17.50
EPM-524506 Oinky Birthday $14.00
EPM-524905 It's so Uplifting to Have a Friend like You $40.00
EPM-524913 We're Going to Miss You $49.95
EPM-525316 May Your Future be Blessed $34.95
EPM-525898 Ring Those Christmas Bells $95.00
EPM-525944 Lord, I'm in it Again $50.00
EPM-525952 All About Heaven $20.00
EPM-525979 Going Home $59.95
EPM-526037 A Prince of a Guy $35.00
EPM-526096S I'm Completely Suspended with Love $28.00
EPM-526193 You Suit Me to a Tee $34.95
EPM-526827 You Can Always Count On Me $30.00
EPM-527211 Share in the Warmth of Christmas $14.95
EPM-527327 Onward Christian Soldiers $15.95
EPM-527378 You are My Favorite Star $60.00
EPM-527556 Bring the Little Ones to Jesus $89.95
EPM-527580 Tied Up for the Holidays $45.00
EPM-527629 Wishing You a Ho Ho Ho $39.95
EPM-527688 But the Greatest of These is Love $28.00
EPM-527696 But the Greatest of These is Love - Ornament $15.00
EPM-527750 Wishing You a Comfy Christmas $28.00
EPM-527769 I Only Have Arms for You $17.50
EPM-528064 Free Christmas Puppies $13.00
EPM-528129 He Came as the Gift of God's Love Mini Nativity $30.00
EPM-528684 Sugar Town Christmas Tree with Star $14.95
EPM-529206 Our First Christmas Together '94 Ornament $18.50
EPM-529273 My True Love Gave to Me $40.00
EPM-529435 Dusty $17.00
EPM-529443 Sugar Town Car $22.50
EPM-529508 Sugar Town Nativity $20.00
EPM-529516 Grandfather $15.00
EPM-529796 Sugar Town Fence $10.00
EPM-529818 Leon & Evelyn Mae $20.00
EPM-529850 Dr. Sam Sugar $16.95
EPM-529869 Dr. Sugar's Office $84.95
EPM-529982 Memories are Made of This $29.95
EPM-530026 You're My #1 Friend $30.00
EPM-530077 Noah's Ark Sheep $9.95
EPM-530204 Wishing You the Sweetest Christmas - Plate $49.95
EPM-530255 Baby's First Christmas - '94 Ornament Girl $16.00
EPM-530263 Baby's First Christmas - '94 Ornament Boy $16.00
EPM-530387 You're as Pretty as a Christmas Tree - Ball $29.95
EPM-530409 You're as Pretty as a Christmas Tree - Plate $50.00
EPM-530425 You're as Pretty as a Christmas Tree $28.00
EPM-530697 Serenity Prayer Girl $34.95
EPM-530700 Serenity Prayer Boy $34.95
EPM-530786 15 Happy Years Together $100.00
EPM-530840 15 Years, Tweet Music Together $15.00
EPM-530913 We Have Come from Afar $12.00
EPM-530972 You are Always in My Heart $15.95
EPM-530999 I Still Do - Girl $29.95
EPM-531022 Potty Time $25.00
EPM-531073 Money's Not the Only Green Thing Worth Saving $50.00
EPM-531138 What a Difference You've Made in My Life $49.95
EPM-531146 Vaya Con Dios $32.50
EPM-531162 Bless Your Soul $24.95
EPM-531200 Wishing You a Bear-ie Merry Christmas $17.50
EPM-531561 Happy Birthday to Ewe $35.00
EPM-531588 You Make Such a Lovely Pair $30.00
EPM-531634 Who's Gonna Fill Your Shoes? - Girl $37.50
EPM-531707 The Lord is Counting on You $32.50
EPM-531766 Thinking of You is What I Really Like to Do - Plate $49.95
EPM-531812 Tammy & Debbie $23.00
EPM-531847 Sugar Town Mailbox $5.00
EPM-531871 Donny with Firewood $23.00
EPM-531944 Sharing Our Christmas Together $35.00
EPM-531952 Dropping in for the Holidays $40.00
EPM-532061 Who's Gonna Fill Your Shoes? - Boy $37.50
EPM-532096 Lord, Help Me to Stay on Course $35.00
EPM-532134 Lord Bless & Keep You - African American Boy Graduate $29.95
EPM-532185 Sugar Town Street Sign $10.00
EPM-532916 Luke 2:10-11 $35.00
EPM-533149 Sugar Town Curved Sidewalk $10.00
EPM-533165 Sugar & Her Doghouse $20.00
EPM-533181 Sugar Town Double Tree $10.00
EPM-533203 Sugar Town Cobblestone Bridge $16.95
EPM-539309 His Love Will Uphold the World $150.00
EPM-539910 Shear Happiness $40.00
EPM-539953 Lord, Police Protect Us $45.00
EPM-539988 Sharing our Winter Wonderland $75.00
EPM-553875 I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep - Girl $22.00
EPM-587869 Witch Way Do You Spell Love? $25.00
EPM-587893 God Loves a Happy Camper $38.00
EPM-587907 My Life is a Vacuum without You $38.00
EPM-587915 RV Haven' Fun or What? $45.00
EPM-588059 Our Love will Flow Eternal $90.00
EPM-588083 Mom, You're a Royal Gem $35.00
EPM-588164 Behold the Lamb of God $45.00
EPM-603171 Ornament Holder $29.95
EPM-604135 May Your Christmas be Delightful $40.00
EPM-610001 Ringing in the Season $35.00
EPM-610007 Wishing Ewe Sweet Christmas Dreams $20.00
EPM-610032 Teachers Make the Season Bright $20.00
EPM-610034 Nurses Care for the Heart and Soul $20.00
EPM-610042 And the Angels Sang $30.00
EPM-634778 Wishing You an Old Fashioned Christmas $175.00
EPM-634964 Friendship's a Slice of Life $35.00
EPM-634999 Scootin' Your Way to a Perfect Day $25.00
EPM-635006 Hail Mary, Full of Grace $80.00
EPM-642673 Life's Beary Precious with You $25.00
EPM-649457 Highway to Happiness $20.00
EPM-649473 There's No Wrong Way with You $20.00
EPM-649481 God's Children at Play $20.00
EPM-649511 Cross Walk $20.00
EPM-649538 Go 4 It $20.00
EPM-650005 The Sower & the Seed $20.00
EPM-650013 Giving My Heart Freely $40.00
EPM-679828 Good Advice has no Price $30.00
EPM-679844 We Knead You, Grandma $40.00
EPM-679852 This Day has been Made in Heaven $30.00
EPM-681059E Let Freedom Ring $45.00
EPM-692077 Sunday's Child - The Child That's Born on the Sabbath Day $20.00
EPM-692107 Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe $20.00
EPM-692115 Thursday's Child Has Far to Go $20.00
EPM-692123 Friday's Child is Loving & Giving $20.00
EPM-692131 Saturday's Child Works Hard for a Living $20.00
EPM-692409 Alleluia He has Risen $30.00
EPM-710001 Dancing for Joy on Christmas Morning $35.00
EPM-710002 Dancing for Joy on Christmas Morning - Ornament $20.00
EPM-710007 Jump for Joy on Christmas Morning $20.00
EPM-729892 I'm Proud to be an American - Navy Girl $33.00
EPM-730041 Gratitude with Attitude $33.00
EPM-730084 Our 1st Christmas Together - '00 Ornament $13.00
EPM-730130 Raisin' Cane on the Holidays $35.00
EPM-730211 Home-made with Love $45.00
EPM-731048 Squeaky Clean $45.00
EPM-731064 Take Thyme for Yourself $32.00
EPM-732494 Fall Festival - 7 Piece Set $150.00
EPM-733008 You Should be Proud as a Peacock - Congratulations! $27.50
EPM-737569 One Good Turn Deserves Another $20.00
EPM-737607 Behold the Lord $25.00
EPM-737623 Auntie, You Make Beauty Bloom $40.00
EPM-742880 To the Sweetest Girl in the Cast $35.00
EPM-795186 You Will Always be Mine $45.00
EPM-795208 The Lord can Dew Anything $35.00
EPM-795224 Cherish Every Step $50.00
EPM-795232V You're a Dandy Mom & I'm not Lion $27.00
EPM-795259 It's a Banner Day, Congratulations $25.00
EPM-795283 You're a Honey $32.00
EPM-795313 Wishing You a Birthday Full of Surprises $40.00
EPM-795356 Life Would be the Pits without Friends $30.00
EPM-795526 You Tug on My Heart String $60.00
EPM-810007 Peace be Within You $20.00
EPM-810009 Born the King of Angels $25.00
EPM-810026 Nurses are There in Times of Need $22.50
EPM-810053 For all the good boys & girls $20.00
EPM-813044 A Winning Spirit Comes from Within $35.00
EPM-848735 Blonde Mom $20.00
EPM-848743 Blonde Dad $20.00
EPM-848751 Blonde Teen Daughter $18.00
EPM-877433 May Your Christmas Begin with a Bang! $30.00
EPM-877441 May Your Christmas Begin with a Bang! Ornament $19.00
EPM-877506 Baby's 1st Christmas '01 $19.00
EPM-879002 Roll Away, Roll Away, Roll Away $35.00
EPM-879126 Lord Let Our Friendship Bloom $40.00
EPM-879134 Our Friendship was Made to Order $35.00
EPM-879568 The Star Smith $85.00
EPM-879576 The Halo Maker $85.00
EPM-879614 House of Bells $80.00
EPM-880833 Brunette Mom $20.00
EPM-880868 Brunette Teen Daughter $18.00
EPM-889849 Let's Have a Ball Together $35.00
EPM-890596 Let Love Reign $60.00
EPM-890626 You Have a Heart of Gold $25.00
EPM-890731 Nearer to the Heart of God $40.00
EPM-890871 God's Love Has No Measure $25.00
EPM-891045 Daddy's Little Girl $40.00
EPM-892157 Healing Begins with forgiveness $45.00
EPM-892726 Ewe are So Precious to Me $45.00
EPM-898457 You are My Favorite Dish $25.00
EPM-910001 May Your Faith Light the Way $35.00
EPM-910002 May Your Faith Light the Way Ornament $22.50
EPM-910021 Good Tidings to You $22.50
EPM-910024 My Gift for Him $22.50
EPM-910054 May the Spirit of Hope Embrace this Holiday Season $22.50
EPM-958832 Our Heroes in the Sky - Girl $35.00
EPM-973912 I See Bright Hope in Your Future $50.00
EPM-975893 Faith is Heaven's Sweet Song $125.00
EPM-B-0008 Happiness is Belonging $29.95
EPM-B0011 Scootin by Just to Say Hi $29.95
EPM-B0012 The Fun Starts Here $35.00
EPM-BC951 Making a Point to Say You're Special $15.00
EPM-BC981 Slide Into the Celebration $15.00
EPM-C0014 You're the End of My Rainbow $25.00
EPM-C0015 You're the Sweetest Cookie in the Batch $25.00
EPM-C0021 Friends Write from the Start $25.00
EPM-C0022 It's Time to Bless Your Own Day $32.00
EPM-E0514 Mother Sew Dear - Ornament $17.00
EPM-E0516 The Purr-fect Grandma - Ornament $16.00
EPM-E0523 Onward Christian Soldiers $35.00
EPM-E1372G Jesus Loves Me $28.00
EPM-E1374G Make a Joyful Noise $30.00
EPM-E1379BR God Understands $19.00
EPM-E2381R O Holy Night $15.00
EPM-E2823R To God be the Glory $45.00
EPM-E2825 To a Very Special Sister $50.00
EPM-E2828 Precious Memories $65.00
EPM-E2829 I'm Sending You a White Christmas $55.00
EPM-E2831 Bridesmaid $23.00
EPM-E2832 God Bless the Bride $50.00
EPM-E2836 Best Man $23.00
EPM-E2837 Groom $25.00
EPM-E2845 Junior bridesmaid $20.00
EPM-E2852B Baby Girl Standing $18.00
EPM-E2852E Baby Boy Crawling $18.00
EPM-E3106 Mother Sew Dear $30.00
EPM-E3109 The Purr-fect Grandma $30.00
EPM-E3114 The Lord Bless & Keep You $40.00
EPM-E3117 Walking by Faith $75.00
EPM-E4724 Rejoicing with You $48.00
EPM-E5212 To a Special Dad $35.00
EPM-E5213R God is Love $17.00
EPM-E5379 Isn't He Precious? $33.00
EPM-E7182 Mother Sew Dear - Musical $65.00
EPM-E9258 We are God's Workmanship $30.00
EPM-E9265 Press On $60.00
EPM-E9278 Jesus Loves Me $17.00
EPM-E9287R A Child Shall Lead Them $50.00
EPM-FC003 Hold On to the Moment $30.00
EPM-FC023 You're so Bear-y Cool $20.00
EPM-PM0021 You are My In-spa-ration $45.00
EPM-PM0022 You are My Favorite Pastime $40.00
EPM-PM952 Always Take Time to Pray $35.00
EPM-PM972 Blessed are the Merciful $40.00
EPM-PM981 Happy Trails $50.00
EPM-PM983 How Can Two Work Together Except They Agree $125.00

Last Updated: 08/16/2017