Department 56 Inc.

Seasons Bay

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
DSB-53309 I'm Wishing $13.00
DSB-53311 Sunday Morning at the Chapel $17.00
DSB-53313 Fishing in the Bay $13.00
DSB-53326 A Day at the Waterfront $20.00
DSB-53330 Garden Fountain $40.00
DSB-53332 Flowering Potted Tree $20.00
DSB-53334 Planter Box Topiaries $15.00
DSB-53343 Seasons Bay Sign $10.00
DSB-53345 Geranium Window Box $12.00
DSB-53355 Beach Front $15.00
DSB-53370 Potted Topiaries $15.00
DSB-53374 Beach Front Extensions $15.00
DSB-53376 Lattice Obelisk $8.50
DSB-53400 Grandview Shores Hotel $150.00
DSB-53401 Bay Street Shops $135.00
DSB-53402 Chapel on the Hill $72.00
DSB-53403 Side Porch Cafe $50.00
DSB-53404 Inglenook Cottage #5 $60.00
DSB-53405 The Grand Creamery $60.00
DSB-53417 The Perfect Wedding $25.00
DSB-53428 Seasons Bay Park $70.00
DSB-53433 Sandy Beach $7.50
DSB-53436 Adirondack Chairs - Set of 4 $10.00

Last Updated: 11/15/2016