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Raggedy Ann & Andy

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
RAA-104401 Happiness is Homemade $20.00
RAA-104402 At Christmas My Heart Thinks of You $15.00
RAA-104403 Stocking Up on Christmas Cheer $20.00
RAA-104405 The Gift of Happiness Belongs to Those Who Unwrap It $17.50
RAA-106218 A Sprinkle of Love Makes Friendship Grow $15.00
RAA-544914 If Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick You $15.00
RAA-597414 The More Fun We Give Each Other, The More Fun We Each Will Have $25.00
RAA-597422 All Hearts Come Home at Christmas $20.00
RAA-597430 There's No Other Angel Like You $17.50
RAA-597449 Cold Hands, Warm Hearts $17.50
RAA-597457 Have a Happy, Jolly Time $17.50
RAA-597473 Christmas Tea Set $22.50
RAA-640476 He Loves Me $15.00
RAA-640484 Be Mine $12.00
RAA-640492 Heartfelt Hugs Make Happy Friends $20.00
RAA-640506 A Heart Full of Happiness $20.00
RAA-642088 Have a Heart $12.00
RAA-677760 Spend Life in Kindness Making New Friend $15.00
RAA-677779 Catch a Little Summer Fun 15.00
RAA-677795 Nothing is Nicer than a Sharing Heart $17.50
RAA-709042 Friends Forever, No Matter What the Weather $25.00
RAA-709050 To Have a Friend is to Be Happy $20.00
RAA-709069 Look on the Bright Side of Life $15.00
RAA-823422 Friends Like You are a Special Treat $20.00
RAA-823465 A Cup of Friendship Warms the Heart $17.50
RAA-823473 Friendship is My Special-tea $17.50
RAA-823481 Friendship Warms My Heart $17.50
RAA-823694 Turning One is so Much Fun $17.50
RAA-823716 So Much to Do When You Turn Two $17.50
RAA-823724 Three is a Happy Time for Me $17.50
RAA-823775 You Get Lots of Kicks When You're Six $17.50
RAA-823791 Turning Seven is a Taste of Heaven $17.50
RAA-823805 Turning Eight Makes You Feel Great $17.50
RAA-823813 Being Nine is Really Fine $17.50
RAA-823821 Happiness is a Birthday Shared with You $17.50
RAA-823856 Birthdays are Full of Surprises $17.50
RAA-953016 The Best Things in Life are Free $15.00
RAA-953156 Serving Up a Helping of Kindness $15.00
RAA-953164 Friendship Makes it All Better $17.50

Last Updated: 12/28/2016