Laura's Attic

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Item Number Item Description Item Price  
ELA-300209 You're No Help, Teddy $25.00
ELA-300241 Hold Your Nose $25.00
ELA-300381 Catch 'Em Kitty $25.00
ELA-321427 Can You Tell the Difference? $35.00
ELA-321338 Come On, You're Squooshin' Me $45.00
ELA-321370 On Guard $35.00
ELA-321397 Just Wait 'Til You Grow Up $35.00
ELA-340006 We're No Angels, But We'll Try $35.00
ELA-340014 I Thought Reindeer Knew How to Fly $37.50
ELA-340022 I Would Have Given You My Room $30.00
ELA-351903 Don't Cry Mom, I'll Be Back $35.00
ELA-351946 Mom, I'm Done with Lunch $22.50
ELA-368970 Christmas Morning is Hard Work $37.00
ELA-428655 Let's Get Those Ears, Teddy $25.00
ELA-428671 Isn't This Pretty? $25.00
ELA-428744 Once Upon A Time $25.00
ELA-771147 Don't Worry, I Can Reach It $11.25
ELA-771163 This is Great Treasure $10.00
ELA-771171 I Am Sleeping $11.25
ELA-771198 I'm Almost Done with Dinner $10.00

Last Updated: 10/24/2013